What to Do When a Semi Truck Crashes Into You

Semi-truck collisions happen every day. Some estimates put the number at 1,000 semi-truck wrecks a day! Chances are if you drive a car, you’ve passed a semi-truck wreck on the way to work or running an errand. You may look and see what happened, how bad the damage is, and if anyone is hurt. But what happens if a semi-truck crashes into you? Here are some important things to remember.

Call the Police 

You should always call the police to report the collision. The police report will be very important in the future if anything happens, as a car accident lawyer, can explain. You should call an ambulance if you need one. It is important to have documentation of any injuries you may have received as a result of the collision. Be sure to explain everything that’s wrong with the ambulance driver. When a semi-truck collides with you all the force will have a traumatic effect on your body. Exchange your information with the semi-truck driver. Get their license, insurance, registration, and good contact information. Try to pay attention to the DOT number on the side of the truck. Usually it is on the door. Also look for any logos or brand names on the trailer the truck is hauling. Any detail can help later on. Do not apologize or admit fault. That can be used against you down the road. Also, the other driver’s insurance may call you asking for a statement. You should consult an attorney before giving any statement to the other driver’s insurance.

Talk to an Attorney

You should then decide if you need a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney who works with semi-truck wrecks can help you secure the compensation you need to make sure your medical bills and expenses are fully covered. People typically only think of medical bills as being the only expense, but if you are out of work because of the collision you can lose income, time with loved ones, and suffer lifelong disability. Semi-truck collisions can be especially devastating, and be very traumatic to the drivers they collide with. An experienced personal injury attorney can work with you to determine the value of your case.

Did you know semi-trucks have separate regulations that apply just to them? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are regulations that apply specifically to semi-trucks. They create a higher standard for the operation, maintenance, and other aspects of semi-trucks. An experienced personal injury attorney will know those regulations, and be able to see if any were violated by the semi-truck driver or their company. They can specifically analyze your facts to let you know what kind of claims you may have.

A personal injury attorney who regularly handles semi-truck wreck cases can also help other questions that you may not have thought of before, or realize that you have. For instance, what is a MCS-90? What does common carrier, or nonresident motorist mean? What is subrogation? If you are a Medicare recipient there can be other considerations to take into account as well. You don’t have to try to figure out the answer to all those questions on your own. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complex world of semi-truck wrecks, and allow you to focus on getting better while they fight for you.