How to Avoid Personal Injuries While Tailgating

When the football season rolls around, many people pack into stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams. Game time often begins with tailgating in the parking lot around the stadium. There is nothing quite like being a part of this atmosphere—food and fun with like-minded sports fans. Personal injury attorneys care about sports fans and often share helpful tips on how to be safe and avoid personal injury to your body while tailgating at your favorite stadium.

  • Follow the Rules

Check out the rules for tailgating in advance. For instance, are charcoal and gas grills are allowed on site? Most likely. But, what about open fires? No way! And typically, there are rules about extinguishing hot coals and flames immediately after using the grill. Additionally, there’s limited parking space per vehicle, and tailgaters should not allow their vehicles or any of their tailgating items to block fire lanes.

  • Practice Food Safety

Food poisoning is a penalty that can ruin your game day. Be sure to cook any meat to the proper temperature, keep spoilable foods refrigerated, and keep hand sanitizer on the ready.

  • Choose a Designated Driver

A designated driver is an asset to tailgaters. Be sure to choose one before tailgating. Make a plan of action for everyone to get back home safely after the game, as beer and other forms of alcohol are often consumed at tailgates. You can save your life and those of others by preventing a DUI that could result in a motor vehicle accident with injuries.

  • Be Responsible

Be sure to cooperate with the security staff and law enforcement while you are tailgating at the stadium. Fights sometimes break out during tailgating. These can be avoided if tailgaters act responsibly. Don’t taunt or bully a person cheering for the opposite team and cause a scene. You never know what kind of response you will get from the other person.

  • Observe Self-Care Practices

Tailgating is an all-day event, so make sure to stay hydrated with water and use sunscreen if the sun is shining. Drinking and driving is treacherous—don’t do it! Plus, consider pacing your drinking and taking steps to avoid waking up the next day with a hangover. Furthermore, you need to be aware of your surroundings in the parking lot and the stadium. Watch where you step and what you might step on. You don’t want to slip and fall over something as simple as a cooler because you weren’t paying enough attention.

Can I Sue for a Tailgating-Related Personal Injury?

While spectators have specific legal rights, determining whether to bring a lawsuit depends on the circumstances. Each situation is unique, and many elements play into determining whether a lawsuit is a sound option. If you contributed to or caused your own injuries in any way, your chances of recovering the full amount of monetary compensation, or recovering any compensation at all, is questionable. However, if you received injuries at the stadium, you should discuss your situation with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney.