Recalled Products for November 2020

In the USA, products are recalled when a large quantity of the units produced are deemed dangerous for consumers. Recalls can be issued by the product manufacturer or by the government, as a product defect lawyer can attest, like those from Eglet Adams. Once a product is recalled, the manufacturer or government will notify those who purchased the product what they should do. Usually, it is recommended that the consumer throws the product away, returns the product for a replacement, or returns the product to be repaired.

Any item produced for sale to consumers can be recalled, but commonly recalled products include:

·  Medical supplies

·  Medication

·  Cosmetics

·  Food

·  Toys

·  Mechanical parts

Below are five products that were recalled in November of 2020.

1. Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride Injections

On November 19, 2020, pharmaceutical manufacturer Fresenius Kabi USA issued a voluntary recall of a single lot of Dexmedetomidine HCl in 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, due to trace amounts of lidocaine present in the injections.

Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride Injections are administered to sedate patients prior to surgical procedures, or in intensive care settings to sedate intubated and mechanically ventilated patients. Currently, there have been no adverse drug reaction experience reports for the recalled doses, but the product is being recalled because if it was administered to a patient with a lidocaine allergy the patient could suffer a potentially life threatening reaction. Fresenius Kabi has notified all of their distributors and customers by letter and asked that they check their stock immediately and to quarantine and discontinue use and distribution of the affected products. 

2. Toddler Boots

On November 4, 2020, Target recalled 122,500 units of the Cat & Jack Himani and Jarren toddler boots in sizes 5-12 due to a choking hazard.  The recalled boots contain an elastic lace with a toggle at the top which tightens the base and keeps out snow. The toggle on the boot can detach from the elastic, which poses a choking hazard to children. Consumers of this product should immediately take the boots away from any children and return them to a Target store for a refund.

3. Ring Doorbell

On November 10, 2020, electronic doorbell manufacturer Ring recalled 350,000 units of their second-generation Ring Video Doorbells (model 5UM5E5) due to fire and burn hazards. The doorbell’s battery can overheat when incorrect screws are used for installation, which poses a burn and fire risk. Owners of this product should discontinue use immediately and contact Ring for revised installation instructions, or download them from the Ring website. To date, Ring has received 85 incident reports of incorrect screws installed and 23 of those units ignited which resulted in property damage. Eight reports of minor burns have also been received.

4. Crock-Pot 6 Quart Multi-Cookers

On November 24, 2020, manufacturer Sunbeam Products recalled 914,430 units of their Crock-Pot 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cookers due to a burn hazard. The multi-cooker can pressurize when the lid is not fully locked, which can result in the lid suddenly detaching while the product is in use. This poses a burn risk from hot liquid and foods that can be ejected when the lid detaches. Owners of this product should cease use of the pressure cooker mode, but can still use the product for slow cooking and sauteing. Owners of this product can contact Crock-Pot to obtain a free replacement lid. To date, Sunbeam Products has received 119 reports of lid detachment and 99 burn injuries, ranging from first-degree to third-degree burns.

5. 2020 Aluminum Santa Cruz and Juliana Bicycles

On November 25, 2020, bicycle manufacturer Santa Cruz Bicycles recalled 2,900 units of their 2020 Aluminum Santa Cruz and Juliana Bicycles due to a fall hazard. The bicycles’ aluminum frame pieces could have experienced thermal damage during a non-standard paint stripping operation and can bend or buckle, which could result in a fall or injury. Owners of the affected models are instructed to cease use of the bicycles and to contact the firm to arrange for a free inspection. Owners of the affected frames can choose from a free replacement frame or a refund voucher for the value of the recalled frame. To date, Santa Cruz Bicycles has received four reports of the recalled aluminum frame bending or buckling.