Facing Criminal Charges

No matter your experience with the law, it will come as no surprise to anyone if you are shaken up when you are faced with criminal charges. If you do not study the law, you may not be aware of your rights and you should educate yourself, especially if you do not have a criminal defense attorney. Your initial reaction may be to do anything to prove your innocence, but that is not how the law works. In your attempt, while your intentions are good, you may also somehow incriminate yourself despite your innocence. Answering questions and admitting to small details in hopes that your honesty will save you, these things can incriminate you. There are a few things to keep in mind if you land on the wrong side of the law and want to avoid jail as much as possible.

Because you are not a legal professional, you should seek legal counsel. After speaking with an attorney, they will be able to use their criminal defense attorney experience to lay out different options and begin to build your defense. The great thing about hiring or speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is that they will be able to build your defense from the ground up, and you can be advised before making any additional mistakes that can harm you. This means, try to avoid speaking about your case to anyone other than your legal counsel, friends, family, and even law enforcement included. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you later down the line if not immediately, always keep this in mind. This should go without saying, but to be safe, always note to avoid committing other criminal offenses while there are pending investigations against you. This is why it is great to hire legal counsel as soon as you can so that you have someone to guide you through this process and ensure that you do not make your situation worse.

Before making any moves, before admitting to any crimes, and before speaking to anyone else in regard to your criminal charges, speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Decatur, GA, like the office of The Lynch Law Group so you may have a better understanding of what your circumstances truly are. Facing criminal charges can be very unpredictable and very frightening, do your best to protect yourself during this time and understand that you cannot and do not have to go through it alone.