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Personal Injury Defined

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If you or a loved one have experienced harm or neglect from another person or product, it would be advantageous to contact a law firm for your personal injury case needs. 

What is considered a personal injury?

When an individual is neglected or harmed due to another’s ill intent or disregard, it is considered a personal injury case. Victims of this neglect and abuse have the right to pursue justice, accountability, and compensation. Examples of personal injury cases can include vehicle accidents, slips and falls, nursing home abuse, and defective product injuries. 

When a person slips and falls on a wet hotel lobby floor that does not have proper warning, and injuries who is at fault? The hotel should be held accountable for not properly indicating a dangerous wet floor. This is a prime example of a slip-and-fall case that the victim may legally pursue if they so desire. 

Personal injury accidents can range from mild to severe. A slip-and-fall accident may only sprain an ankle, but a car accident could paralyze victims. Since the accidents are different, the injuries sustained will also vary in severity. Medical attention should be a priority for all who are injured, harmed, or neglected in a personal injury accident. However, some injuries may require more medical interventions than others. If a defective product burns a victim, they may require a lengthy hospital stay in the burn unit, while they recover. Surgeries, physical therapy, outpatient treatment, and expensive medication may all be required for survivors of personal injuries. These medical interventions, while necessary for recovery, are expensive and can create a financial burden for the accident victims.

Not only do survivors of these traumatic experiences have to recover emotionally, mentally, and physically following the accident, but have to somehow manage to pay for their recovery as well. Thankfully, according to our friends at Brown Kiely, LLP, experienced attorneys are willing and able to help those in these types of situations. These lawyers work hard so that their clients can focus on their recovery. Clients should feel empowered to pursue justice and accountability for what was done to them. Compensation should be fought for to not only pay medical bills but also cover time off work, loss of income, and any emotional, mental, and physical pain sustained due to another’s ill will or neglect. 

When an accident or incident occurs, oftentimes the focus is on the physical injuries the victim has sustained. However, many victims also suffer mentally and emotionally as well. Mental and emotional pain is real and can have devastating effects on the sufferer, and their loved ones. A person’s ability to work, maintain healthy relationships, travel, and cope with everyday stressors may be greatly impacted by their pain. Depression and anxiety are common following a traumatic experience. Therapeutic treatment should be sought for those who are struggling with mental and emotional pain. A licensed, professional therapist can provide healthy tools and strategies to not only cope with the pain but increase a client’s mental and emotional health. Contact a law firm you can trust, and start your journey toward justice.