Fight for Child Support with an Attorney

Family Law Lawyer

Many parents looking for legal assistance often turn to a child support attorney to oversee their case. We understand going through litigation over child support can get turbulent and stressful very quickly. It is not uncommon for pent up resentments to be expressed during this time. Fortunately, an accomplished family lawyer in will fight for the rights of parents and their families. They can help clients seek financial compensation, and are a valuable resource for those in need of extra information about child support.

Family lawyers work diligently in to get you a settlement that helps you move forward and through these difficult times. It can be heartbreaking for both parents to go through a child support case. However, in cases like these, the child’s needs are the most important factor. You may need money from your previous partner in order to pay for things like health care, school, extracurriculars, hobbies, clothing, and food for your children. 

Attorney Assistance

There are many ways that a family law lawyer can assist their clients, as a family law lawyer in Rockville, MD, from a law firm like the law office of Daniel J. Wright, can explain. By seeking an attorney for legal help, you can receive assistance and advice through a few of the most common child custody processes. 

  1. Paternity/Maternity Actions – an attorney can help you complete necessary paperwork to file for a specified child support amount. During this process, the other parent’s ability to pay is taken into consideration. The biggest factor is offering enough financial support that can allow the custodial parent to take full care of the child.
  2. Divorce Proceedings – during the divorce settlement, both parents are likely to be concerned about how their child may be affected. An attorney can help you make decisions with your child’s future and emotional wellbeing in mind.
  3. Child Support Arrear – if the non-custodial parent is not making payments on time or at all, an attorney can help you file an action against your former partner for lack of pay.
  4. Child Support Changes – the child support amount may change based on fluctuations of either parent’s employment status or child needs. 

Recommended Paperwork

When filing for a child support order, there are a few documents that are helpful to have on hand. This paperwork may become a key factor when the amount of child support is determined.

  • Birth certificates of children
  • Receipts of past child support
  • Background of the non-custodial parent
  • Personal income & assets
  • Child expenses (health care, activities, daycare, necessities)
  • Copy of separation agreement or divorce settlement

A child support attorney can offer legal strategies to help you seek financial support from your previous partner. An attorney can understand the amount paid to you, and can make the difference between not having enough to make ends meet and suffering, or having enough financial compensation to give your child the fullest life possible. Family law lawyers believe in helping their clients reach a place of financial security, so their clients and their clients’ children can all lead fuller, happier lives.