What Can a Lawyer Do For Nursing Home Victims?

If you or a loved one you know has suffered abuse in a nursing home at the hands of a staff member, you are strongly encouraged to go to a lawyer so you can file a claim. Taking legal action is important so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve and that the individual or facility is held accountable. 

Why Should I Talk to a Lawyer? 

If you would like to file a claim because you or a loved one has experienced abuse in a nursing home, talking to a lawyer is the first step that you can take. They will listen to you about your experience and evaluate your case. They can inform you of your rights, actively work to protect them throughout the case, and conduct an investigation so that the individual can be pursued and be held liable. All reports of nursing home abuse and neglect should be taken seriously. A lawyer will relentlessly pursue the responsible parties involved. It is understandable that the idea of filing a claim during this stressful time can be daunting, but it is vital that you obtain the justice you rightfully deserve. 

Here are some of the things a nursing home neglect lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca can assist you with:

  • Explain your legal rights. Taking on a nursing home case alone can be difficult, especially since you are going against a healthcare facility that has a powerful legal team who is experienced with handling multiple claims. You need a skilled lawyer who understands the healthcare system as well as how to build a persuasive case. 
  • Assist you with paperwork. Filling out the required documents for a claim can be timeconsuming and confusing. A lawyer can assist you with obtaining the information you need, review your documents for accuracy, and help you file your claim on time. 
  • Negotiate settlement offers. With a lawyer by your side, you have a committed advocate who will work so that your rights are protected. If you receive an offer for compensation, the nursing home lawyer will review it to ensure it covers your full damages. They will make the necessary negotiations so that you receive the amount you deserve.  

You Can Receive Quality Legal Assistance

Anyone who has engaged in abusive or neglect against a nursing home resident should be aggressively pursued. If you have experienced abuse, meet with a trusted lawyer who can provide you the legal assistance that you need.