Traffic Ticket Lawyer FAQ: What should I know about fighting a traffic ticket in court?

Traffic Ticket Lawyer FAQ: What should I know about fighting a traffic ticket in court?

Most drivers will receive at least one traffic ticket in their life. In fact, some might consider a rite of passage. As a speeding ticket lawyer from a firm like Rispoli & Borneo can explain, just as you might understand the actions or behaviors that could garner you one of these tickets, you should also understand how to get out of a traffic ticket. 

For many people, they will choose to pay the fine and walk away. However, what if you don’t agree with the ticket? Perhaps you believe it was unjustified. What if you are at risk for losing your license? You might want to contest the accusations against you, but how can you fight a traffic ticket?

If you choose to fight your traffic ticket, you can do so on your own or hire a traffic ticket lawyer; the latter is recommended. Another option is to go to traffic school. This can typically be arranged by your lawyer or yourself. The following is a general overview of what may be involved following your traffic ticket. It should provide you with important information and help you to make a decision about whether or not your should retain a traffic ticket lawyer. 

Know When Your Court Date Is

Many tickets will include basic information on how you can contest the citation. Your court date and the location is usually listed. In the event you are unable to appear in court at the scheduled time, you or a traffic ticket lawyer can consult the court clerk to arrange a new date. 

Gather Documentation

If you believe there is any supporting evidence that could help, or harm, your case, you should gather it. You or your traffic ticket lawyer can request to view these items before your court hearing. For example, if a radar gun was used, you can review the data and the maintenance logs. Or, if you were accused of running a red light, you can ask for any recorded tape that shows the violation. In the event of a tape not being produced, it may be possible to have your ticket dismissed.

Understand the Laws

All states have their own traffic ticket laws. These can be found on your states’ legislature website, as well as, the website of the DMV. You should understand neither the court nor the DMV can provide with any legal advice. 

Choose Your Defense

If you decide you will defend yourself, you should be well prepared with how you will do so. The most effective way to do this is to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. If you can’t afford one or don’t want one on your side, you might consider a visit to the nearest law library. If you are using the internet to source information, you should ensure it is up to date and accurate. Furthermore, if you are going to fight a ticket in [state], you should not review advice that pertains to [LIST another state]. 

Common Defenses Include:

  • Claiming the stop was unlawful
  • Claiming the offense was not actually committed.
  • Claiming you were involved in an accident and suffered injuries. (You may need an insurance letter with this defense.)

If you are unsure about how to fight a traffic ticket or you need advice, call a traffic ticket lawyer today.