Medical Malpractice and Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Lawyer

When families move their elders into a nursing home, they do so with the understanding that their loved ones will be well cared for, more so than the elder or the family members could on their own. The costs of residency in a nursing home reflect the high standard of care they receive, or that they should receive from staff. Nursing homes are expected to provide healthy and delicious meals, clean bedding, a safe environment, and capable medical care when needed. When a resident does not receive proper care because of negligence or medical malpractice, it may be time for the family to consult a lawyer.

The healthcare provided to a family’s loved one is left in the hands of the nursing home, but sometimes, this can lead to disaster. If the facility employs a physician who is less than capable, their mistakes can be catastrophic for the elderly patient and subsequently open the door to a medical malpractice suit from the family. A Baltimore, MD nursing home lawyer at Brown Kiely, LLP represents victims and their families who have found themselves in difficult circumstances like these. Our compassionate medical malpractice lawyer has years of experience fighting for the rights of families throughout the Baltimore, Maryland area. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

If the elder develops a serious condition as a result of improper care, or an existing condition worsens because medical intervention was not provided, the damage may warrant filing a civil lawsuit against the facility. A successful claim will result in a settlement which may then provide the funds necessary to reverse the individual’s condition, or at least “make them whole again” in legal vernacular.

Within the U.S. legal justice system is a specialized area of law known as elder law which focuses on the rights and protections afforded to older persons within our society. Nursing homes have earned a reputation in this country for abuse of their residents. Though this is not fair to many nursing homes which offer quality care to their residents, it is true for far too many facilities. In response, there are lawyers who specialize in elder care and in seeking justice for those abused in nursing homes. They are a family’s best option for righting the wrongs against their loved one.

Routine Medical Checkups

It is important for people of all ages to undergo routine medical checkups as a preventative measure for maintaining optimum health. As we age, our bodies begin to break down and need additional care to address the aches and pains of aging. Serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer can be abated or minimized with early treatment. Such early treatment demands regular checkups from a qualified medical professional. If a nursing home does not employ a full-time or at least a contractual physician to provide checkups, issues may arise that if left untreated may develop into serious conditions. If the nursing home has a policy in place to provide routine medical checkups but does not do so, they may be liable for an elder’s health condition. If the facility’s physician commits a misdiagnosis or does not detect serious health concerns during a routine medical check, despite the fact that a reasonably capable doctor would have made a proper diagnosis, this too may be considered malpractice.

Dental Hygiene, Exams, and Treatment

Oral health is no less important than other areas of the body. When an elder’s dental hygiene is ignored, it can lead to painful and life-threatening infections and gum disease. Cavities, fractured teeth, improperly fitted dentures, and decay are common issues that when left untreated can cause great distress, physical pain, and malnourishment when the elder is unable to eat properly. A nursing home can be held responsible for allowing a resident to suffer in these ways when the file files a claim against the facility with the help of a nursing home lawyer from Brown Kiely, LLP.