Experienced and Knowledgeable Whistleblowing Attorneys

When you first took your job, you were optimistic and excited. Maybe you had been working for years to get this promotion. You felt like you were finally on the right track to achieving your career goals and were very proud. Then, after a few weeks, months, or maybe even years, you started noticing that there was something fishy going on. The deeper you got into the weeds of your job, the more the feeling intensified. One day, you put it all together — your employer was not on the up-and-up. Perhaps you observed healthcare fraud, evidence of tax evasion, or you could have seen evidence that your employer was committing tax fraud. Maybe you even witnessed your company defrauding the government by beefing up government contracts. Whatever you saw may have shattered your dream, and also may have launched you into a difficult ethical situation. Should you report what you have seen at the risk of losing all you have worked for? 

This is where a good attorney can help. A good lawyer, like a whistleblower retaliation claims lawyer in Washington DC from Eric Siegel Law, knows that you are in a difficult position and will know how to make whistleblowing as painless as possible.

Knowledge and Experience

A whistleblower attorney will have extensive knowledge of all state and federal whistleblowing law that may apply to the conduct you have observed. They know what kind of evidence tends to prove that your employer was violating a law or acting unethically, and they know how to make a report of such misconduct through the proper channels. They also know what kind of protection to which you are entitled after making your report. Depending on the law that controls the misconduct you reported, you may be entitled to protection from employment retaliation or termination, you may be able to remain anonymous during the reporting process, and you may even be able to receive a monetary reward for blowing the whistle. 


A lawyer can use their knowledge and experience to serve as a zealous advocate on your behalf every step of the way. First, they will be able to analyze your claims to see what kind of whistleblowing law applies and whether you have enough information to make a valid report. Second, they can help you file the report, making sure that you meet all of the requirements and that you are taking advantage of all of the privacy measures that may exist to protect your identity. Third, they can help make sure that you receive the monetary compensation to which are entitled, if any. Fourth, if you do face termination or workplace retaliation in the wake of your report, your attorney will be ready and willing to help you pursue a lawsuit against your employer to recover any damages associated with the termination or retaliation.

Contact an Attorney 

If you are considering the important role of whistleblowing, call a whistleblowing attorney today to find out what they may be able to do for you. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your claim, and let your lawyer go to bat for you.