Commitment of Excellence

The Law Office of Bennett Cunningham P.C. is dedicated to excellence and we believe you should be entitled to the following:

Upon proper notice to your creditors of your bankruptcy filing, your creditors should cease all threats, collection telephone calls, bills, statements, demand letters and general creditor harassment.

If any of your creditors fail to comply with any of the Bankruptcy Laws or with any relevant non-bankruptcy law after proper notification from our firm then we can file an action against those creditors in Bankruptcy Court to enforce all of your available rights.

Any such actions shall be undertaken at no cost whatsoever to you since we file all such cases under contingency Fee Agreement signed by both you and The Law Office of Bennett Cunningham P.C. This Agreement clearly says that our fees and expenses shall be paid from any settlement or judgment. If we do not receive any money from your creditors then you do not owe us any money for our fees and expenses related to that specific action.

If we recover any monetary damages related to a lawsuit filed on your behalf and derived from your bankruptcy filing then you will receive no less than half of the amount recovered regardless of the amount of our legal fees and expenses.

The Law Office of Bennett Cunningham P.C. is committed to providing you the best possible results. Our Law Firm will use our experience, knowledge, and diligence to help achieve a desirable outcome for you. Rest assured that all legal work that comes from our office will be of the highest possible caliber. Although, we strive for perfection, nobody is perfect. If you ever find anything that does not meet your expectations, please bring it to our attention. We will correct the situation immediately.

We’ll communicate openly and freely with you. Expect our office to return your phone calls promptly. Typically phone calls are returned the same day. We will also attempt to schedule appointments so that we can speak at times that are convenient for you. We will also respond to emails promptly. Expect our office to respond to emails within 24 hours however, it is typically much earlier. Use our quick contact form to email us.

We’ll always have a lawyer or a competent legal assistant available to assist you. We are committed to providing you the best possible service. If you have an important matter that you need addressed, we urge you to bring it to our attention as soon as possible. Do not to wait until the last minute to contact us. While we can resolve many issues, we cannot guarantee that we can solve everyone especially with little or no prior notice of the potential problem.

We’ll meet all deadlines associated with your bankruptcy as long as the client provides all requested documents by us and/or the Trustee within an adequate amount of time, all scheduled office visits are kept, our office calls are returned in a timely fashion, you are present for appropriate court hearings, you comply with all directives of the Bankruptcy Trustee and the Court, and apply all necessary due diligence needed for your case.

We’ll not adjust our fees – No matter how long your case takes. As long as you supplied all the necessary information to properly quote your fee and the information was correct, you can expect that your cost to be the same exact fee quoted.

You and your case will receive the personal care and attention needed to promote success. If you feel that you are not receiving the close personal attention needed, please contact us so that we can correct the situation. Although we strive to provide clients with exemplary services, if you notice an error, we recommend clients to bring any matter to our immediate attention so that we can improve on our performance.

We’ll communicate with you in writing regarding every important matter in your case. We will either mail and/or email you a written copy of relevant documents that we produce or receive regarding your case. We will not settle or resolve any matter without your prior consent or subject to your final consent and approval. In turn, you must communicate with us any problems you may have with your case, your plan payments, any mortgage payments, or any issue with creditors or collection agents.


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