Stop Your Car Repossession in Dallas

Was your car repossessed? We may be able to help get your car back as quickly as today or tomorrow. Your car is your life line to survive and is a staple in your daily routine. At the Law Office of Bennett Cunningham P.C., we understand how important it is to get your car back. If your car has been reposed, call our team right away. Let us know this is an emergency and we’ll provide you a free consultation in regards to your situation.

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The Law Office of Bennett Cunningham P.C. has successfully assisted residents throughout Dallas and the surrounding area with preventing car repossessions.  Expect our team to leverage the knowledge of the law so you receive the necessary protection for your automobile. We understand this is an emergency, so our team is easily assessable by phone or office visit.

Repossession Law

When you finance a car, truck, or other vehicle, you should be aware that, until you make the last payment, your creditor retains important rights to the vehicle. Typically, these rights are established by the contract you signed and the creditor signed in regards to the laws of your state.

Failure to make your payments on time can carry serious consequences. Your creditor has the right to repossess your car.  In many circumstances, if the creditor does not receive timely payment they can take back your car without going to court. In certain states, creditors do not have to provide advanced warning. Its legal for a credit to repossess your car if you fall behind on payments.

Avoiding a Repossession

The easiest way to avoid your car from being repossessed is making timely payments. However, mistakes can be made and there are circumstances where you may fall behind on payments. In these scenarios,  the Law Office of Bennett Cunningham P.C. can help prevent your car from be repossessed or even help get your car back from the creditor. You have rights and our team will work to defend your rights and your possessions.

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