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Poor Poor Banks: And Why You Should Care

Look, let’s be honest, banks are in business to make money and they are doing very well. Glance at any downtown city and the tallest building is a bank. These edifices tower over us, with their bevy of branches on almost every corner  – their names bathed in neon for...
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Taming the Foreclosure Beast

Great article in the New York Times (see below). The government is holding large banks responsible for their bad behavior in the mortgage industry by reaching into their pockets. In fact, one of my clients filed bankruptcy and we are in the midst of suing her bank for illegally foreclosing...
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Set Up to Fail

It’s an everyday saying – “America was built on entrepreneurship.” Well, it’s a fact – if you look back to the industrial revolution and the advent of steam power to the release of Apple’s new Ipad – people and ideas start businesses. Unfortunately, not every business is a success story...
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