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Bankruptcy and the Foreclosure Mess

The number 1 reason why my clients file for bankruptcy is foreclosure – the banks trying to take back a house. While consumers are fighting back – or delaying the inevitable – by using the bankruptcy code – the bigger question is what is our government doing about it? Here...
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Student Loan Debt — Well, Sucks!

Of all the debts that just plain, well – sucks , it’s student loan debt. I had it, some of my friends still have it, and other just conveniently “forget about it.” At the end of the day, like death and taxes, your student loan debt is like a “bad...
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Bankruptcy Filings Sink – Credit Card Debt Shrinks

According to a recent report by Epic Systems, since January 2012, bankruptcy filings dropped to approximately 627,000 bankruptcy filings in the 50 states and District of Columbia, compared to almost 725,000 filings during the  same time period in 2011.   One reason for the decline may be consumers paying off their...
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Texas Credit Card Debt Rise – Late Mortgages Dip

The national credit card delinquency rate is at its lowest in 18 years according to a recent report from TransUnion – one of the nations largest credit card reporting bureau. Texas is once again above the national average in credit card delinquencies – but not by much. TransUnion is reporting...
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Credit card lawsuits may be a bunch of lies

Lately, credit card companies have become prolific lawsuit filers – suing people with relatively small debts to recoup their money. It seems ludicrous – but they are doing it – forcing people to consider bankruptcy. Lately, the lawsuits I see range from a few $1,000 in debt to as high...
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